02-08-2018 ░ Joe Rogan Show #1075
Joe Rogan and Duncan Trussell talk plant consciousness and MIDI Sprout

09-07-2016 ░ Thump - Vice
Inside the Spiritual World of Plant-Based Instruments

05-15-2016 ░ Thump - Vice
Data Garden Is Holding a Sale of Rare Devices That Allow Plants to Play Synthesizers

09-7-2014 ░ Arte TV – Tracks (FR)
Data Garden – les pionniers de la DIY-Biofeedback-Music

08-19-2014 ░ Intro Magazine (DE)

05-8-2014 ░ The Guardian
Midi Sprout lets your plants create the sound of music

03-25-2014 ░ The 405
The Future of Music? The 405 interviews the people behind MIDI Sprout

03-18-2014 ░ Dazed Digital
Your houseplants can play electronic music with MIDI Sprout

02-28-2014 ░ WHYY – Philadelphia
Setting human biorhythms to an electronic beat: Data Garden

10-3-2013 ░ Knight Arts
A Data Garden homage to honeybees, sound and geometry

07-02-2013 ░ Pitchfork’s Nothing Major
Man Man Eats Electronic Ice Cream

06-10-2013 ░ Pew Center for Arts and Heritage
Talking with Data Garden: Co-Composing with Plants

06-05-2013 ░ Dubspot
Data Garden QUARTET at CMKY

05-25-2012 ░ Create Digital Music
Music For Plants, Music by Plants in Two Eco-Themed Releases

04-12-2012 ░ The Creator’s Project
Interacting With Plants To Create Polyphonic Music

04-20-2012 ░ Pulp Lab
Listen, But Do Touch

03-13-2012 ░ Motherboard
Data Garden Pushes Biodegradable Circuitry and Plantable Albums

12-12-2011 ░  MTV Brazil – Mod MTV  
MTV visits The Switched-On Garden (film segment starts at 6:40)

11-02-2011 ░ Inhabitat – Design Will Save The World
Data Garden debuts the worlds first Plantable Music

09-15-2011 ░ Philadelphia City Paper
Just Add Water – Data Garden Ditches the Plastic and Embraces Flower Power -