Hear your plants sing


We help your plants sing

Imagine walking into your garden, greenhouse or solarium greeted by the soothing sounds of a symphony of plants. Maybe you'd like your meditation room to be an immersive plant zone? Or maybe you would like to welcome guests of your business with a novel experience inspiring wonder.

For seven years we’ve made immersive plant music installations for museums, festivals, hotels and brands. Now we’re offering them to everyone.

Why plant music?

We’ve always received our musical inspiration from nature, so we wanted to see what would happen if we tapped directly into it.

Plants, like us, are living beings and are constantly self-regulating

They are also very sensitive. They are like antennae for light, including frequencies we can’t see

Through plant music, we can tune into how plants are responding to the energy we give off just by sharing space with them

What you get

We'll work with you, design custom sounds for your space and install a custom, durable 4-channel plant music installation for your home or brand.

We will provide four of our plant music devices called PlantWave to attach to four of your plants. We will provide all of the technical equipment, speakers, cables, power supplies, everything you need to tune into your plants with whenever you want.