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Data Garden at Mystic Bazaar - Gnosis

  • Mystic Bazaar Gnosis 1243 East Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA, 90021 United States (map)

▲▲▲ GNOSIS ▲▲▲

Gnosis, the feminine Greek noun which means "knowledge" is a collective dream inspired by the archetype of the High Priestess, the oracle and the keeper of knowledge who sits at the gate before the great Mystery: between the worlds, the darkness and the light, the guardian of the unconscious and the conscious; a mediator of the passage into the depth of reality. Cross the threshold and step into her temple. Together, we will explore the themes of higher knowledge, sacred truth, spiritual awakening, universal mysteries and the development of the universal intuitive mind.


Opening Cacao Ceremony at 1:01pm with Warren Ji and musical performance and Sacred Song by a very special guest. 


Healing sessions and a sonic space of light and sounds to relax your body and free your mind.

☆ Tarot, Astrology and Divination
☆ Reiki & Energy Healing
☆ Massage Therapy  

Featuring: Christine Aprile, Ayah Birakdar, Bad Mamma Jama, Cody Catrin, Diva Dompe, Mara Mehdy, Christa Westaway, Sasha Barrientos, Puma Munayki, Kelly Hendrix, Sun Goddess Ashely


☆ Chente Chi
☆ Electric Sound Bath
☆ Fake Estates
☆ Kwon Yin
☆ Lavender Fields
☆ Mental Physix
☆ Nora Keyes
☆ Perilune
☆ Sandee Vag
☆ Silent Diane


Knowledge shares, lectures and workshops from our Mystics to assist you see the divinity within and bring magic into your every day life.

☆ Astrology & Finding your Soul's Purpose with Cody
☆ Cultivating Empathy with Sarah Ann
☆ Life Purpose Awakening with Kelly
☆ Intuitive Self Care with Christa
☆ Intentional Poppet Making with Kelley
☆ Foundations of Touch with Brittany and Tin
☆ Pursuing Pleasure Group Hynosis with Nadia
☆ Radical Forgiveness with Larva
☆ Ritual Bath Magic with Candace Marie
☆ Invoking the Goddess with Sabrina



An intentional ritual to heal the land, honor the ancestors and open the Spring Equinox portal with Madre Jaguar, Luke Simon, Mae Aguirre, Harriet the Star and Edgar Fabian Frias. Sound Bath by Arvindjeet Kaur from Sacred Healing Sessions and Hyphen Select. 


Curated by WET SILK the East Gallery features visual art and performances to inspire and elevate.

☆ Visual Art:
Justine Serebrin
Erica Weitz
Dominoe Farris
Heather Turner
Karly Ann Razo


☆ Ritual Performances: The Bastette Group, Lindsay Minnich, Marissa Lynn, Alma Cielo

☆ Spoken Word and Poetry by Sarah Elkhaldy, Chris Davis, Ana Sofia Carelli

☆ Singing Plant Listening Station by Data Garden

☆ Ritual Performances: Lindsay Minnich, Marissa Lynn, The Bastette Group, Alma Cielo

☆ Spoken Word and Poetry by Sarah Elkhaldy, Chris Davis, Ana Sofia Carelli

☆ Video Portal by Megan Spatz featuring Art by The Bastette Group, Andy Hwang and Gaia Marcaccini 




Starting at 8pm, let's dance the night away and celebrate the magic of Spring and new beginnings! Groovy Cosmic Sounds curated by THE SOFTER IMAGE



☆ Botanica Rooted
☆ Earth is Magic 

☆ Henna Blessings by Arvindjeet
☆ Sun Song Herbal Medicinals 

☆ Light Body Creations
☆ Medea Medusa
☆ Sacred Lotus Yoni Steam
☆ Shinan Indigenous Arts

☆Souterrain Minerals
☆ Stick and Poke by Ciana Lee
☆ Tarot Society
☆ UnitedOther 


☆ Herbal Tonics & Elixir Bar by Luke Simon
☆ Matcha Daily
☆ Rawtalian Cuisine by Rainbow Lotus
☆ Cosmic Tamales

Fairies, Elementals, Star Children, Aliens, Psychonauts, Philosophers, Dreamers, Angels, Light beings, Shamans, Healers, Magicians, Priestesses, Gods, Goddesses, Friends and Lovers: