Not So Silent Series: Acoustic Landscape with Data Garden
1:00pm 1:00pm

Not So Silent Series: Acoustic Landscape with Data Garden

In the glow of the Daniel Clayman exhibition and surrounded by our lush outdoor landscape, we invite you to join us for these seemingly silent performances, heard only through wireless headphones. Experience an immersive audio environment controlled by living plants. A futuristic symphony, Data Garden connects listeners to the beauty and mystery of plant-generated music. How it works: Electronic impulses are produced by a quad of plants. This information, interpreted by humans with the help of computers, is harnessed to create a subtle sonic language perceivable. Participants can interact with the plants and detect the real-time changes in the texture of the music. Rain Date: Sunday, August 27, 1-8:30PM

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 Feedwalk 6 - 'For Earth - Preserving Our Home.'

Feedwalk 6 - 'For Earth - Preserving Our Home.'

Join us at Feedwalk 6 where we will be leading a meditation with plants before hundreds of us set out to the streets to share food and connection with humans who can really benefit from our support. 

This event has been organized by Peace Accelerators who are a shining example of the brand of political persistence essential to our evolution as a country and a species.

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Panel Discussion: Art, Technology and Environmentalism
9:30am 9:30am

Panel Discussion: Art, Technology and Environmentalism

Carol LaFayette, Texas A&M
Joe Patitucci, Data Garden
David Dunn, UCSC

The inaugural AMT Festival (art, technology, music) is a pilot initiative of the San Diego Art Institute (SDAI) in collaboration with the Fleet Science Center and Southwestern College to present a national festival of experimental, electronic, and data-driven ideas in a creative laboratory featuring cutting edge performances, music hacking, and demos that connect artists, students, technologists, researchers, thought leaders, and businesses in a vibrant environment.

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7:00pm 7:00pm

Nature of Now: Breathing with Musical Plants and Connecting to our Inner Light

The Fall Equinox marks the day when our external source of light, the Sun, moves on to spend more time with our neighbors in the southern hemisphere. While this signifies the coming of shorter days, it is also a message from the solar system calling us all to focus more on cultivating our own internal sources of light.

On September 22nd, we will gather to share our intentions related to shining brighter into the fall. Through group breathwork, we will cultivate and amplify the light within supported by plant spirits and music. As we breath, the biorhythms of a plant in the room will be translated into data used to control synthesizers generating harmonious ambient soundscapes. Energetic shifts in the room will be processed by the plant, allowing it to respond to all that we are navigating as a group through sound.

About Joe Patitucci

Nature of Now is a healing arts project of Joe Patitucci, providing opportunities to tune into the universal wisdom of intuition through plant music, guided meditations, listening exercises and breathwork. 

Joe Patitucci is a multimedia healing artist working to foster connection to intuitive states and the natural world. A central part of his work is the design of harmonious environments that provide space for guests to explore, discover and connect to subtle realms. Those engaging in Joe’s work are seen as participants in a ritual of self-discovery. Through media generated by bio-responsive systems, through dialogue and through breath, he invites participants to broaden their experience of mental, physical and digital space as well as community. 

As Founder and Director at Data Garden, Patitucci produces public art and oversees the production of the MIDI Sprout, a device that allows users to monitor unseen activities of living organisms through digital art. Through Nature of Now, Patitucci combines his artistic practice with his training in Deep Listening, sound healing, pranayama and Reiki to lead groups in guided meditations and breathwork workshops scored by sonified plants. In September, 2016, Patitucci launched, an online streaming service delivering live music generated by plants.

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